Tivall, Israel’s leading manufacturer and exporter of meat analogues, registered a record-breaking sales returns of NIS225m (US$54.3m), of which 50% stem from exports. Tivall is a wholly owned company of the Tivall Group, in turn owned by Osem-Nestlé (51%) and Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot. The Tivall Group is comprised of the following companies: Of Tov and Hod Lavan (processors of poultry and turkey products), Zabar ethnic salads, and the group’s distribution arm, Ostiv.

According to Tivall’s report, the value of the schnitzel market in Israel – processed from poultry, turkey or soy-based, amounts to NIS250m, in which Tivall holds a 30% market share; and the value of the frankfurter/hot dogs market totals NIS180m, in which Tivall’s market share is 14%. Tivall last week introduced on the local market a series of new products based on tofu, following the introduction of this line by Tivall’s arch rival, Soglobek.

Tivall’s main markets for its meat analogues are the UK and Holland, where export volume to these countries has risen significantly in the past few months, and recently launched a campaign to increase its marketing volume in the USA.

By Aaron Priel, just-food.com correspondent