Cadbury chocolates will be marketed in Israel by the Israeli chocolate manufacturer Carmit, following an agreement between Carmit and Cadbury-Schweppes. One of the world’s largest chocolate manufacturers, Cadbury-Schweppes markets its products in 40 countries with overall sales revenues of approximately US$6bn.

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According to StoreAlliance Israel, Carmit will import Cadbury’s products which are not available on the local market, “and also complement the range of products manufactured by Carmit. We have no intention of competing with Elite’s chocolate bars and snacks,” according to Lenny Sakstin, Carmit General Manager.

Carmit is Israel’s leading manufacturer of marshmallows, with 60% of the market share for this product, but the group holds just 4% of the chocolate market. Carmit’s General Manager said that the company will promote the Cadbury brand in Israel, starting towards the end of the year after carrying out a reorganisation plan at Carmit.

Carmit employs 300 workers and operates its own distribution system supplying a wide range of sweets and confectionery to 1000 sales points, and to an additional 7000 sales points through wholesalers. According to StoreAlliance, Carmit holds on the local market a 30% share of toffee candies, 21% of cookies, and 16% of halva.

By Aaron Priel, correspondent

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