Unilever‘s chocolate and snacks plant in the town of Safed in the Upper Galilee was damaged yesterday (18 July) by a direct hit by a missile shot by the Hezbollah from Lebanon. There were no workers at the plant when the missile hit the structure.

In the Safed plant Unilever manufactures chocolate, Telma’s morning cereals and cooking and baking ingredients. The company announced that there will not be any shortage of the products on the market.

Trade sources in Tel Aviv commented that the attack on Unilever’s plant in Israel may have negative repercussions on the future investments of the multinational conglomerate in the country.

Meanwhile, many food processing plants in the Upper and Western Galilee regions in Israel are operating under a special permit from the authorities. These plants process tomatoes, carrots, sweet corn and other vegetables, the bulk of which is slated for export.