Through Tuscan ingenuity and persistence, Italians can now gorge on their beloved Fiorentina Steak, banned on account of he BSE crisis – or at least its slightly modified version. The EU has accepted a plan by a Pisa official who had been insisting that only a part of the bone of Fiorentina, not the entire T-bone, need to be removed for protection against BSE. The method is called “Alla Pasqualetti” and named after Gianluca Pasqualetti, a health official at a slaughterhouse near the Tuscan town of Pisa.

He claims it is sufficient to remove the “I” part from the “T,” rather than the entire T-bone, enabling consumers to continue to have their fillet and contro-fillet of the steak traditional in Tuscany.

The Fiorentina was banned at the height of the BSE crisis and led to chagrin in Italy, including symbolic public “funerals” and, in some cases, defiance by producers and devotees who offered them to the public in cookouts.

The BSE is believed to be under control on much of the Continent. Italy had 16 cases, the last one only a few days ago. Beef consumption is said to be rising once again.

By Hilmi Toros, correspondent