The European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSAs) newly appointed executive director, Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle, has committed to follow recommendations recently adopted by the authority’s management board as she takes up her post today (4 July).

Following an external evaluation, the EFSA management board recommended that the authority focus its efforts in the six priority fields, including the enhancement of EFSA organisation and communications, and the development a defined a medium and long-term vision.

Geslain-Lanéelle said: “I am joining EFSA at a very opportune moment. Building on the significant work done so far I am committed to further establishing EFSA as a European reference for risk assessment on food and feed safety both in the EU and internationally.

“European risk managers need to rely on independent scientific advice to underpin policies and decisions regarding food safety. It will be my job to take us there by working in close collaboration with member states, key institutional partners and stakeholders”.