Wallington, NJ–based Parmalat USA, subsidiary of the multinational Italian food company Parmalat SpA, announced that it is introducing the US’ first, shelf-stable, organic milk this January 2002.

The product, Parmalat Organic Milk, is packaged in Parmalat’s well-known shelf-stable “milk box.”

Matt Petronio, VP of Marketing, Parmalat USA, commented: “There’s an increasing consumer demand for organic products. Parmalat is committed to serving consumer needs.  To address the health and environmental concerns behind this demand, we developed Parmalat Organic Milk.” 

This will be the first shelf-stable organic milk to reach the US market and it will allow organically oriented consumers to comply with their principles and buy the milk in a convenient form that needs no refrigeration before being opened.

Parmalat Organic Milk is organically processed in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990 in a balanced, environmentally sustainable way.  It is minimally processed and comes from cows not treated with an artificial hormone therapy and no antibiotics, pesticides or chemicals are used on the organic farms where this milk is produced.

Deborah Seife, Manager, Parmalat USA, commented: “The organic food market has grown 20% over last year and the organic milk sector has likewise shown a sustained growth of more than 20% since last year, indicating the need and market for a product like Parmalat Organic Milk.

“Organic Consumers are a growing group looking for healthier foods and those include organic milk. For them having a milk product they can storage on it’s a great advantage; saves time and ensures to have organic milk on hand all the time”.

Parmalat Organic Milk will be available in a quart tetra brick container in whole milk variety.  Starting in January 2002,

Parmalat, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (PMLFF), is a US$6bn company and one of the world’s leading international food companies with 162 plants and over 40,000 employees in five continents.  It markets a variety of food products, including: milk and dairy products, such as ice cream, yogurt, butter and cheese; fruit and tomato juices; vegetable soups and tomato sauce, and bakery products like snacks, biscuits, pastry, pizza and focaccia. Its products are sold under the Parmalat brand name and, in North America under other strong brands like Farmland Dairies, Skim Plus, Welsh Farms, Sunnydale, Beatrice Foods, Black Diamond, Archways and Mother’s. Creative entrepreneur Calisto Tanzi founded Parmalat in 1961 in Parma, Italy.