Japanese snacks manufacturer Ezaki Glico is building a biscuits and confectionery plant to serve Tokyo and surrounding markets.

The plant, which is scheduled to start operations in spring 2012, is based in the city of Kitamoto in Japan’s Saitama Prefecture and will supply Greater Tokyo and seven nearby prefectures.

Occupying a total area of 118,000 square metres, the factory would be Ezaki Glico’s second-largest plant in Japan. The spokesman said he expected annual sales from products made at the plant “could reach JPY10bn (US$1.2m), the same as our largest factory in Kobe city”. 

The spokesperson added: “At the moment we have no plan to have it supply the markets overseas.”

The spokesman would not disclose other details, including how much money Ezaki Glico is spending on the plant. The company has a variety of businesses, including those manufacturing snacks, dairy and meat products. 

Aside from its 12 factories in Japan, Ezaki also has established subsidiaries abroad, including in China, Thailand and France.