eCommerce Japan, K.K., (eCJ), is launching its Hotel e-Marketplace in October with Hotel Okura Co., Ltd., as its first customer. The Hotel e-Marketplace will be hosted and managed by foodconnex™ worldwide. The first group of suppliers joining the e-Marketplace is Matsuo for food items, Yoneya Shokai for hotel supplies and Kamewa Shoten for fish products. In a partnership with foodconnex™ worldwide, a leading United States e-Marketplace infrastructure developer and digital tools provider, eCommerce Japan will be offering a global commerce platform enabling interconnectivity between buyers and suppliers, both domestically in Japan and internationally.

eCommerce Japan, K.K., announced that Hotel Okura (Minato-ku, Tokyo) will join its Hotel-e-Marketplace as the first hotel customer. The Hotel e-Marketplace offers a Neutral and Open e-Marketplace for the Food & Hospitality Industry, bringing significant operational efficiency and cost savings to both buyers and suppliers. The e-marketplace enhances the existing “One-to-Many” trading relationships, but also offers new “Many-to-Many” relationships and business development opportunities on a Global basis.

Based on a test pilot between Hotel Okura Tokyo with three suppliers, Hotel Okura experienced operational efficiencies and cost reduction, better management and control of the procurement process. Suppliers that participated in the test pilot included, Matsuo, Yoneya Shokai and Kamewa Shoten, all of which, shared similar experiences of process improvement, streamlined order processing, which resulted in significant time savings with no processing errors, reduced customer service costs and improved communications with their customers.

Hotel Okura is planning to enroll other Group Hotels and subsidiaries such as Okura Enterprise to the Hotel e-Marketplace. In addition to the above benefits, eCommerce Japan’s e-procurement solution is highly effective for streamlining the internal approval process, for group and aggregated purchasing. Each user can individually set the authorized purchase amount limit and approval authority.

“The Hotel e-Marketplace is a community where we could share and exchange information amongst members, collaborate with our partners to achieve greater productivity while driving down operating costs” said Tadashi Ishihara, Executive Director and General Manager, Okura Hotel Group.

“The current economic environment poses significant challenges to all hotel operators and suppliers, a time when all companies are aggressively searching for productivity improvement and cost reduction measures. The Hotel e-Marketplace is set out to deliver these two critical objectives with a very compelling ROI model for all participants” commented Tony Chang, CEO of eCommerce Japan, KK. “Hotel Okura is a leader in the Hotel community in Japan, with the foresight and vision of using the latest technology to achieve productivity improvement by collaborating efficiently with their business partners”.

eCommerce Japan, K.K., was established in May of 2000, with a mission of becoming the premier Business Service Provider for the Food & Hospitality industry in Japan, bringing the most innovative e-business technology and best business practices to the industry members. Along with its domestic and international partners, eCommerce Japan, KK, offers a suite of business services including logistics, technical, financial settlement, marketing services, supply chain and e-Business Strategy Consulting.

Global Sourcing will also be available through its US partner, foodconnex™ worldwide, (Auburn, California), an e-commerce infrastructure developer and digital tools provider for the Food Industry in the United States.

Our technology partner, Commerce One, Inc., (Pleasanton, California) is a leader of business-to-business e-Commerce solutions. The Commerce One solutions are being used by more than 160 leading e-Marketplaces worldwide, including Covisint in automotive industry (Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Renault/Nissan) and Trade Ranger in petroleum industry (Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Amoco). Commerce One’s Global Trading Web is the world’s largest business-to-business trading community. This interconnected network of e-Marketplaces provides the backbone for worldwide business-to-business e-commerce.

About foodconnex TM worldwide:
Established in 1994 as American Multi Media Group (AMMG), and now known as foodconnex™ worldwide, the Auburn, CA-based company is a leading provider of e-business solutions to the food industry. Services include providing the infrastructure and connectivity for customized e-commerce solutions, business-to-business extranets, company-wide intranets, web-based training programs, customized sales presentations and digital imaging and catalogs for such clients as Trident Seafoods, Nestlé, General Mills, Lawry’s, SUPERVALU and others. The foodconnex™ worldwide Internet hub is powered by Commerce One®, and is a member of their Global Trading WebTM at the MarketSite™ portal. For more information about foodconnexTM worldwide go to For information, contact foodconnex worldwide at 530-887-1216 or e-mail

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Commerce One® (Nasdaq: CMRC) is the leader in global e-commerce solutions for business. Through its products, portals, and services, Commerce One® creates access to worldwide markets, allowing anyone to buy from anyone, anytime, anywhere. The Commerce One® Global Trading Web is the world’s largest business-to-business trading community. Comprising many open e-marketplaces, the Global Trading WebTM provides unprecedented economies of scale for buying organizations, suppliers and service providers worldwide. Commerce One® is located in Pleasanton, California and can be reached by phone at (800) 308-3838 or (925) 520-6000 or via the Internet at