Japanese fastfood chain Kobe Lamptei is to keep its popular ‘gyudon’ beef and rice bowl on the menu despite the import ban on US beef by using Australian beef instead.

The price will rise from ¥280 (US$2.60) for a regular bowl to ¥350 once the chain switches to Australian beef in April, reported Kyodo News.

Several of Kobe’s competitors, including Yoshinoya and Zensho, have had to drop the popular gyudon dish from their menus after their supplies of US beef ran dry.

Samantha Jamieson, head of the Japanese unit of Meat and Livestock Australia, released a statement saying she is “very pleased” to know of the company’s decision to continue serving the dish, which enjoys “a special affection among Japanese,” by switching to Australian beef. 

Japanese gyudon restaurants have traditionally almost entirely relied on US beef for their dishes, known as beef bowls in the US. The import ban was imposed late last year after a case of BSE was identified in the US.