A Japanese microbrewery plans to bring the country’s latest food trend, frozen sushi, to the UK early next year.

Usually unpalatable to even the roughest taste buds – thawed frozen sushi usually becomes hard as wax while defrosted water from the raw fish makes the sushi soggy – the Kairinmaru brewing Company in Hokkaido has come up with a process that it claims retains the sushi’s freshness.

After persuading skeptical Japanese to try frozen sushi and then ultimately to praise it, the company now says it plans to sell its sushi outside of the country for the first time.

‘In the beginning, we will sell our products through Miura Foods, Tazaki Foods, etc, in the UK,’ said Eriko Shirasawa, of the company’s overseas department.

‘There’s been a huge interest in our products in Japan and I’m sure we can repeat our success in the UK.’