The latest batch of reports from the just-food research store includes trends and developments in the Mexican dairy sector, snack foods in the US, and frozen food production in China.

Market Focus: Trends and Developments in the Dairy Food Sector in Mexico
This overview of the consumer and market dynamics of the Mexicans Dairy Food sector allows new entrants and established players to gain rapid and comprehensive insight into the current state of the market and identify the key trends that will drive growth in the coming years.

The UK Foodservice Industry Survey 2013-2014 – Organic Trends and Menu Labelling
This is a new report that analyzes the significance of organic food products and menu labelling in the UK foodservice industry. It provides information about the demand for sustainable packaging; promotional tools used by foodservice operators to encourage healthy eating concepts and also highlights media outlets regularly used by operators to promote their products.

2013 Snack Food in the US
This report explores trends in an area that often shares usage occasions as well as certain challenges with beverages: snack foods. This report covers all segments of the diverse packaged snack food industry, from salty to sweet and everything in between, examining market trends and recent industry developments. It also profiles leading companies, including those also involved with beverages, such as PepsiCo and Kraft.

Frozen Food Production in China
This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included are five year industry forecasts, growth rates and an analysis of the industry key players and their market shares.

Tortilla Manufacturing Industry in the US and its International Trade [2013 Q3 Edition]
This latest Tortilla Manufacturing Industry report provides the most updated market research on the industry. Its scope contains analysis on the industry’s key financial data, competitive landscape, shipment and inventory data, upstream and downstream industries, and trade data.

Yoghurt and Sour Milk Products in India
With consumers increasingly demanding health and wellness and taste together, demand for yoghurt and sour milk products grew tremendously over the review period of this report. Consumers started to accept and demand flavoured yogurt in Indian flavours including mango, pineapple, vanilla and misti doi. Further, the demand for probiotic and functional yoghurt such as Yakult and Amul Flaavyo also experienced a sharp rise.

Consumer and Innovation Trends in Desserts and Ice Cream
This report looks at where innovation is occurring in desserts and ice cream and what it looks like. It looks at some of the potential opportunities and key considerations for dessert and ice cream manufacturers and how industry players are using the online space to more effectively engage with consumers.

Meal Kits Market in Latin America: Market Guide to 2017
This report provides detailed, analytical and well-presented information on meal kits consumption trends in Latin America. It presents historic and forecast consumption volumes and values, segmented by brand share, distribution channel, category and geography.