In this week’s just-food research round-up, we are delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with YouGov SixthSense which enables us to highlight their latest market research on a range of topical issues. YouGov SixSense provides reports that are bursting with original consumer data and analysis.

YouGov collects bespoke data through a proprietary panel of over 300,000 UK consumers, allowing them to pack their reports with typically ten times the amount of original research than found in other market intelligence reports. Highly qualified expert analysts use this data to deliver insight, comment, opinion and advice on the latest market trends and conditions.

This week’s round-up also includes news of just-food’s latest report, which focuses on the global market for healthy snacks.

Here is the pick of the latest research in the just-food store:

UK Adult Chocolate and Sugar Confectionery Market Report 2010
This market intelligence report is a snapshot of present day trends and attitudes in the UK adult confectionary market. A holistic overview is provided that includes topical market themes such as dietary concerns, attitudes towards sustainable production practices and individual consumption habits.

UK Children’s Confectionery Market Report 2010
Innovations required to deal with current trends and controversies are illustrated by sector and brand, providing companies operating in this sector with the market intelligence required to maintain buoyancy in these coming years.

UK Breakfast Cereals Market Report 2010
The minutiae of consumer breakfasting habits are broken down to provide a greater insight into the consumer’s needs and what exactly is expected of a cereal in modern Britain with recessionary austerity still in effect.

UK Cheese Market Report 2010
Cheese eating habits and attitudes towards the eating of dairy generally are analysed to give manufacturers and retailers the means to anticipate consequential shifts in the market in the near future.

Gourmet, Specialty and Premium Foods, Beverages and Consumer Trends in the U.S., 8th Edition
An indispensible report answering such questions as: Which gourmet/premium products and market segments have been faring well in the new economy? How are marketers and retailers adjusting? How can they recast and reposition their goods? Who are the most viable consumers, and how can they best be reached? Which media and marketing messages resonate for these consumers, and in what contexts?

Global market review of premium in-home dining – forecasts to 2014
This recent report from just-food provides a market overview of this fast-growing sector, looking at the major global markets, current trends, consumer dynamics, major suppliers, new product activity and forecasts for the next five years.

Enzymes NEW US industry forecasts for 2014 & 2019
This comprehensive study analyzes the US market for enzymes, which encompasses both specialty and industrial enzymes typically manufactured using fermentative microorganisms, as well as those sourced from plants and animals

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Global market review of healthy snacking – forecasts to 2014
Over the last decade, health has been one of the main drivers of the global snack foods market, together with the trend towards premiumisation before the effects of the economic recession were felt. Demand for healthy snacks continues to increase, as a result of more people paying greater attention to their diets.