Kellogg has launched a granola under its All-Bran brand in Canada as part of a list of new products to hit the market this year.

The cereal maker said the All-Bran Granola Cranberry and Almond is “the ultimate go-to for powerful food combinations any time of day”, Kellogg said.

The company yesterday launched a range of new-year “innovations” including cereals, bars and snacks. The move is also in response to research that shows “most Canadians only get half of the recommended fibre per day”, Kellogg said.

Chris Bell, the vice president for marketing at Kellogg’s Canadian arm, said: “Our latest innovation line-up reflects changing consumer tastes and preferences and we’re thrilled to be bringing them to homes across Canada.”

The launches in Canada follow a range of “nutritious” products Kellogg announced for the US market earlier this month, including cereals, snacks and gourmet frozen food options.