Kellogg is assessing whether to make more cuts to the amount of sugar in its breakfast cereals on sale in the UK.

Reports over the weekend said Kellogg was set lower the levels of sugar in its Frosties and Coco Pops cereals.

However, the company said it had not yet decided on whether to make any cuts to the sugar in those products.

“We haven’t confirmed any reductions from Frosties and Coco Pops as we don’t know what these would be yet,” a spokesperson for Kellogg’s UK arm said.

Kellogg has already lowered the sugar in its Special K and Bran Flakes cereals sold in the UK.

“We have an ongoing sugar reduction programme. We are looking at other options, and what those options are is completely dependent on our testing with consumers, as we won’t bring anything to market that people don’t love,” the spokesperson added.

The scrutiny over the amount of sugar in food continues to be high. Last week, the public body set up to advise on issues from food safety to nutrition in Scotland, announced it would put forward a range of proposals to tackle obesity – including a tax on sugar – to the country’s devolved government.