MorningStar Farms , which is owned by US food giant Kellogg , plans to make its entire product range fully vegan in the next few years and has just introduced its plant-based Cheezeburger as part of that endeavour.

Located in Texas, MorningStar Farms currently produces meat-alternative products to traditional sausages, hot dogs, and chicken wings and nuggets, but at present, only around half of its portfolio is fully vegan. 

It aims to achieve full-vegan status by 2021 with a key aim to reduce the environmental impact from egg production by eliminating the use of 300m egg whites annually. The short-term target is to have 65% of its range converted over to vegan by the end of this year, including its Chick’n nuggets and patties, and its burger ranges: Meat Lovers, Veggie Lovers, Falafel and Tex-Mex burgers. 

Mel Cash, head of global marketing for plant-based protein at Kellogg, said in a statement today (4 March): “This is a very exciting opportunity for us – by making this change, MorningStar Farms favourites can be enjoyed by even more people at home and on-the-go who strive to add plant-based proteins to their plate. This will also help us further our commitment to a greener world by helping to reduce the water waste, land usage, and carbon emissions associated with egg production.”

The newest addition to the portfolio – MorningStar Farms Cheezeburger – a 100% plant-based alternative to traditional burgers – is due to launch at Expo West in Anaheim, California, on 7 March. They contain 23 grams of plant-based protein and are a vegan take on the ‘quarter pounder’ patty.