Egg Biotech, a Korean food biotech company, says it has made a breakthrough by launching immunoglobulin-enriched (IgY) eggs that fight against both enterotoxigenic e-coli and helicobacter pyroli. “This product takes egg nutrition to a new level. With a single egg, consumers can effectively fight against these two types of bacillus which are carried in a majority of humans,” said company president Dr. Lee Nam-hyung.

The technology works by scientists injecting hens with the bacteria isolated from humans. The hens go on to develop IgY antibodies against both types of germs at once, explained an article in the Korea Times. Yolks in the eggs the hens go on to lay have been found to contain the same antibodies.

The end product, known as Doctor IgY, has a Korean patent pending and its maker, Egg Biotech, is also applying for patents in the US, Japan and the UK. Egg Biotech currently produces some 100 000 eggs daily at its farm in Kyonggi-do.

This is not the first example of functional eggs. In a feature carried in October we outlined some of the latest developments in this field, looking particularly at the activities of Dean Farms, Freshlay and Omega Tech. To take a look at this feature, Click Here.