Kraft Foods Group has submitted an application to patent a method of making high-protein cream cheese.

In its worldwide parent application, the Philadelphia-maker said it has developed a method that overcomes problems around poor texture typical in high-protein cream cheese.

“Attempts to increase the protein level in conventional cream cheese compositions tend to result in processing and/or textural shortcomings such that the cream cheese with higher protein level relative to conventional cream cheeses may compromise undesirable texture, smoothness, and/ or other organoleptic properties,” the company noted.

“The present disclosure generally relates to cream cheese compositions including a higher level of protein and/ or calcium relative to conventional cream cheeses while maintaining a desirable texture, smoothness, and organoleptic properties of cream cheese products with lower amount of protein and/ or calcium, as well as methods of making the same.”

The higher protein or calcium fortified content is achieved without sacrificing texture through a composition of cheese curd, cultured dairy liquid, protein powders and moisture in “select relationships”.

Kraft suggested it has developed a composition that produces cream cheese containing twice as much protein as conventional products – 4-5 grammes of protein per 28-32g serving – with no more than around a 14% fat content.