Kraft Heinz has officially launched Planters peanuts in China, claiming consumers are becoming more interested in nuts as they look to eat more healthily.

“As the healthy diet concept has become more popular in China, the nuts category is rapidly growing to become consumers’ first choice for casual snacking, given its nutritious characteristics,” Kraft Heinz said in a statement.

Twelve varieties of Planters nuts will be available to buy online through an exclusive detail with e-commerce retailer Kraft Heinz said online shoppers in China, especially younger consumers, are willing to try new products. The products are being imported from the US.

“Online shopping is especially popular among the young audience. They are willing to try new things and more likely to accept imported goods. We can see important unmet consumer needs and opportunities to bring new products to the country,” Kraft Heinz said. “Younger consumers in China are more accepting of imported food by online shopping. These groups of people will bring greater opportunity and potential for the imported nuts market in the future.”