Kroger, the US grocer, has launched HemisFares, a private-label range of ethnic foods.

HemisFares has been introduced onto Kroger shelves with a line of 27 authentic Italian products and there are plans to add food from countries, including Spain and Japan. 

"Just like American barbecue can mean many different flavours: spicy, smoky, more of a vinegar base, Italian food changes considerably as you travel across the country," said Gil Phipps, vice president of Kroger's corporate brands. "Imagine landing in Italy and getting an in-depth, guided tour from village to village, experiencing the single best example of the most beloved foods from each region. Our goal with HemisFares is to bring only the best food finds to our customers."

Kroger is working with a number of food experts who are advising the retailer. The packaging used on the range aims to tell the story of where the food originates from, and what makes it the best in its sector.