US-based rice products maker Lundberg Family Farms has launched Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice in the US, its first Thai rice product.

Lundberg said the new product is the result of work with the Thai Organic & Fairtrade Agriculture Group and a partnership with “hand-selected, small, remote farming communities in Thailand… (which) allows for the preservation of farming methods while making the fragrant grain available to American consumers”.

The rice is available in four, pre-cooked microwaveable pouch offerings: white, red, red and white blend and brown. “All varieties are certified organic, Fair Trade, non-GMO verified, gluten-free and vegan,” the company said.

As part of the partnership with farmers, Lundberg said rice is grown in the Mekong River Valley of the Amnat Charoen province near the border with Laos. Lundberg said the sale of the product in the US benefits the farmers’ local economy by “providing a sustainable, Fair Trade price for their crop and providing additional resources to help them continue improving growing practices and infrastructure”.

Lunberg CEO Grant Lundberg said: “Our mission at Lundberg inspires us to create a healthier world and our partnership with Thai farmers enables us to be an active participant in expanding organic farming to global communities. This is a unique product that cannot be grown in California, and we’re thrilled that we can bring a delicious, easy-to-prepare product to consumers while simultaneously promoting the tenants of organic farming.”

The Brown Jasmine and Red Jasmine varieties of the new product offer 54g of whole grain per serving, while the Red & White blend offers 11g per serving. “With its unique taste and convenient preparation – heat and eat, ready in 90 seconds – Thai Hom Mali rice is an easy addition or base grain for any meal,” Lundberg said.

The new product is on sale at an SRP of US$3.29.