Friesland Foods’ Malaysian unit is expanding its production capacity in order to meet growing demand, a spokesperson for the company told just-food.

Friesland’s Dutch Lady Milk Industries, Malaysia’s largest dairy group, plans to upgrade and expand its production plant in Petaling Jaya.

“We are improving the Dutch Lady production plant in Petaling Jaya due to increased demand. We have seen growth of the market for dairy goods in south-east Asia,” a spokesperson for Friesland commented.

According to local reports, Dutch Lady is investing from MYR100m (US$30.7m) to MYR120m over the next three years. However, Friesland declined to confirm the level of investment.

The investment is part of Dutch Lady’s drive to increase sales, Friesland said.

“It is in our strategy to grow in this market,” the company told just-food today (29 May).

Dutch Lady accounts for around 20% of Malaysia’s dairy market.