The Malaysian High Court last week delivered its decision on the 13-year-long struggle for the Indomie instant noodle trademark, ruling in favour of PT Indofood International, one of the world’s largest makers of instant noodles.

The Jangkar Jati Group first used the Indomie trademark in Malaysia. In 1984, a joint venture was launched between Jangkar Jati and PT Indofood. As part of the deal, all Far East Food Industries and Sanmaru Overseas Marketing snack food and instant noodle brand names were due to be transferred to PT Indofood in September 1990, the company contended.

This did not take place, causing PT Indofood to file a suit with the Malaysian High Court. The defendants argued that RM2.55m (US$680,000) should have been paid to them before the transfer of the Indomie trademark, a contention that PT Indofood disputed.

According to New Straits Times, the High Court found that there was no agreement between the parties for any such payment. The Court ruling stated that the Indomie trademark must be transferred to PT Indofood.