McCain Foods is launching McCain Marché, a range of snacks that offer “a balance of grains, dairy, meats and vegetables”, in Canada.

The new line, being rolled out in frozen aisles across the country, are “oven-baked, never fried, made with no artificial flavours or colours, and come in a variety of choices to satisfy more tastes and cravings than ever before”, McCain said.

The McCain Marché range includes Harvest Pockets, available in roasted chicken, chicken alfredo and three cheese and spinach varieties. The new line also includes bite-sized Protein Pop’ables, “with 14g to 23g of protein per serving”, available in chicken parmesan, Jamaican beef and Italian sausage variants. The range also features Pizza Pockets, available in pepperoni, deluxe and three cheese.

Vikram Bawa, McCain’s vice-president of marketing, said: “We know Canadians are looking for more in their snacks. Empty calories are out and simple ingredients are in. People want more satisfying snack choices they can feel good about and that better fit their lifestyles.”

In June, McCain Foods announced an expansion of capacity at its production facility in Florenceville-Bristol, Canada, to meet “growing demand” for hash browns and other speciality products.