Potato-products giant McCain Foods has started a construction project in one of its markets in Europe.

The Canada-based company has embarked on expanding its manufacturing facility in Lelystad, a city in the centre of the Netherlands.

McCain is spending EUR65m (US$76.3m) on upping capacity and improving efficiency. “This expansion provides a profound future for the 250 employees of Lelystad,” plant manager Luc Geurts insisted. “In a year in which there has been much uncertainty, our employees see the investment McCain is making for their livelihoods and the Dutch community.

“We are on the lookout for new talent to join us as we are not only investing in a bigger plant and more agile operations, but the future of our people and those of future employees.”

The work is scheduled to be completed by February 2022.

Earlier this month, the privately-owned group re-booted a US$300m expansion plan for a plant in the US that was put on hold due to the uncertainty wrought by Covid-19.

And this week, McCain confirmed it had put its Sara Lee frozen baked goods and desserts business in Australia on the market.