McCormick & Co. has announced plans to "significantly increase" the number of organic and Non-GMO products it puts on sale in the US over the next 12 months.

The US group said most of its herbs and spices are non-GMO but added it will begin to label Non-GMO products to help consumers at the point of sale "as part of its commitment to transparency and educating consumers about the category".

Eight per cent of McCormick's gourmet herbs and spices business in the US will be organic and Non-GMO by 2016. Over 70% of all McCormick-branded herbs, spices and extracts in the US will be labelled Non-GMO.

"Our consumers are increasingly interested in quality flavours with pure ingredients in their food," said Lawrence Kurzius, McCormick's president and COO. "Our effort to increase our organic and Non-GMO offerings proves that we are listening to consumers and are committed to continuing to evolve."

The first product to be labelled non-GMO is new. McCormick has launched a Non-GMO vanilla extract. "It's a critical flavour in fall and holiday baking. The Non-GMO Vanilla extract is the first of many McCormick products to be labelled in our portfolio," a spokesperson added.