Organizacion Barcel, a subsidiary of Mexico-based bakery giant Grupo Bimbo, has begun using degradable metallic polypropylene packaging for its products.

The packaging, which disintegrates within a period of three to five years after the product’s shelf life, will gradually be implemented on every Grupo Bimbo product globally, the company said yesterday (14 May).

It hopes to have the packaging fully incorporated by the first quarter of 2011.

The technology works by incorporating a pro-degrading additive during the packaging’s manufacturing process, which helps break the plastics’ molecular chains, causing the plastic to degrade at the end of its lifetime.

It is designed to preserve the “freshness, flavour, and features” of all the products as identically as when using traditional wrappings, Grupo Bimbo said.

Michael Laurier, director of Symphony Environmental Technologies, awarded Daniel Servitje, CEO of Grupo Bimbo, a certificate for becoming the first company in the world to launch degradable metallic packaging.

Barcel will be the first snack company to incorporate this degradable eco-friendly material, beginning with its Takis snacks line, the company said.