Quorn Foods, the UK-based meat-free business owned by Philippines group Monde Nissin, has settled a lawsuit in the US over a claim on its packaging.

A class action lawsuit filed in a court in California alleged Quorn “misled” consumers into buying products made from fermented mold. The claimants said packaging implied product contained mushroom-based protein.

Quorn agreed to a nationwide settlement but continues to deny any wrongdoing and disputes plaintiff’s claims.

Jason Frank of Frank Sims & Stolper LLP, a law firm based in California and lead counsel on behalf of the class, said: “We are pleased with the Settlement which we believe provides an excellent outcome for the class.”

In a statement to just-food, Quorn said it had not decided to settle the suit lightly. “We firmly believe this was a case based on a misunderstanding of our product labelling,” Quorn said. “The settlement does not acknowledge wrong-doing or liability in any way. However, we did not want a protracted legal conversation to stand in the way of our daily mission – to help millions of people around the world live more healthily by enjoy great-tasting, nutritious, sustainable meat-free meals.”