Dairy giant Müller is set to reduce the level of sugar in its Müller Corner yogurt range in the UK and Ireland following the discovery of a new yogurt culture.

It said it could reduce sugar in the range by up to 9% and gain a creamier texture.

The company said it has carried out a “rigorous research and development process” which involved access to more than 13,000 yogurt strains. 

Müller said it discovered that the combination of two specific yogurt strains created a less sour tasting yogurt which means less sugar is required to be added to create a better taste.

The company is also planning to remove all added sugar from its core Müllerlight range, reducing the total sugar content by up to 28%.

The new recipes will be available from May 2019. 

Müller said the discovery is part of its GBP100m (US$130.5m) investment to “innovate, develop, manufacture and market a new generation” of yogurt and dessert products.

Having recently reformulated Müllerlight Greek Style and Müllerlight Fruitopolis so that they include 0% added sugar, Müller had also previously reformulated the Müller Corner Strawberry flavour so that it has 19% less sugar and launched Müller Corner Plain, the dairy company’s first ever Müller Corner made with unsweetened natural Greek style yogurt.

Michael Inpong, chief marketing officer at Müller said: “By changing the culture we use to make our yogurt we’ve created something completely unique. Not only does the new Corner yogurt recipe have a thicker and creamier texture, but it has less sugar. It’s backed by our consumer sampling, and we’re very excited to bring this new recipe to market.”