Nestle has launched a line of Greek yoghurt products in India.

The A+ Grekyo yoghurts have been launched “in the Delhi NRC region and will be available in other major cities soon”, the company’s Indian arm said today (21 April).

The yoghurts are being sold in 100g pots at what Nestle called “a competitive price point of INR30 (US$0.45)”. Flavours include strawberry, pineapple and orange.

Nestle sells a range of dairy products under the A+ brand in India, including liquid milk and dahi. The company said the Greek yoghurt had 70% more protein and calcium than its Nestle A+ Nourish Toned Dahi line.

Arvind Bhandari, general manager for Nestle’s dairy business in India, said: “We have introduced this product for the first time in India. Globally the Greek yoghurt category came into prominence less than a decade back and in certain countries it has already captured a major share of the entire yoghurt market. In India, this category is still at a nascent stage but we are confident that Nestle will lead the global trend for the Indian consumers soon.”