Nestle is aiming to grab sales in the US liquorice category through its latest NPD for candy brand Sweetarts.

The company is relaunching its Kazoozles candies as Sweetarts Soft & Chewy Ropes, a cherry-flavoured, liquorice-style candy with a punch-flavoured filling.

The new product, to be launched this spring, will look to take on category leader Twizzlers, which is owned by Hershey.

“With Sweetarts Ropes we are adding innovation to the liquorice category with a much needed bold flavor profile and, as a first for the brand, the product features no artificial colours or flavours,” Nestle told just-food.

The Ropes line is one of a number of new products Nestle is launching under its Sweetarts brand. It is also rolling out Sweetarts Chewy Sours, Mini Chewy Sweetarts and Sweetarts Gummies.

According to Statista, over US$350m worth of liquorice was sold in the US in 2013, with Twizzlers products accounting for over 70% of sales.