Nestle has invested in its production network in Mexico with a move to improve efficiency at a dairy plant in the centre of the country.

The company has spent MXN100m on doubling the capacity of its dairy facility in Lagos de Moreno to receive fresh milk. The site will take in 3.6m litres a day.

“The investment of MXN100m that we made in our Nestle dairy factory in Lagos de Moreno will allow us to double our capacity to receive milk and thereby reduce up to 80% the time of receipt of this raw material,” Marco Guimaraes, vice president of manufacturing for Nestle’s Mexican arm.

Nestle has 17 plants in Mexico. In October last year, it opened a new factory to manufacture a range of infant formula products in the country.

In 2014, Nestle offloaded an ice-cream plant in Lagos de Moreno as part of the sale of its local ice-cream business to Grupo Herdez.