Nestle has announced the launch of a meat-free range of meals in Spain under the Garden Gourmet brand.

The firm said it was meeting the needs of today’s “increasingly informed” consumer that is “concerned [with] ensuring a healthy and balanced diet”.

Nestle is targeting consumers that have decided to reduce their intake of animal foods. In Spain, “more and more” consumers were looking at increasing their consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes and cereals, while eating fish and meat more occasionally, the food giant said. It added there was a “growing interest and acceptance” for plant-based foods, which it said was a nutritional choice, as well as one based on “respect for the environment”.

The plant-protein based range of refrigerated dishes features three types of burgers, vegetarian nuggets, vegetarian dumplings and braised bocaditos. 

Nestle said some of the range is stocked in a few outlets across Spain. It added there is a gradual plan to roll out the Garden Gourmet range across the entire Spanish market.