Nestle has taken out the stabilisers used in the UHT milks it sells in Brazil, with the food giant saying the country is the first where it has carried out the move.

The world’s largest food maker said all long-life milk sold under the Ninho and Molico brands would not contain the ingredients.

“The product has already started to check in stores and is already possible to find mainly in São Paulo,” Nestle’s Brazilian arm told just-food. “By the end of October, it will be available all over Brazil.”

Nestle said consumers worldwide were “increasingly looking for natural products that are free of additives”. The company has made a series of efforts in a number of markets to “simplify” its ingredients lists.

The US has seen a number of moves, including the removal of GMO ingredients from its Buitoni products, as well as the elimination of artificial colours, flavours, high fructose corn syrup and GMO ingredients from six of its ice cream brands. The company also said it would take out the artificial flavours and cut the salt from the pizzas and snacks it sells in the country