Nestle is to announce plans to expand an ice-cream factory in Canada.

Senior management at Nestle’s Canadian arm are to unveil the plans at an event at the plant, which is located in London, Ontario, tomorrow (2 March).

Full details will be released at the event at the facility but Nestle confirmed it will be “expanding its current footprint to allow for increased production capacity to support future growth”.

Ice cream marketed under brands including Häagen-Dazs, Parlour and Drumstick are made at the plant, which is Nestle’s sole ice-cream factory in Canada. Nestle licences the Häagen-Dazs brand for use in the US and Canada from General Mills.

Nestle does not provide sales data by country or by category but, announcing its group financial results for 2017, it gave a global, combined sales figure for its milk products and ice cream operations.

The company said its sales from milk products and ice cream stood at CHF13.45bn (US$14.19bn) in 2017, down from CHF14.33bn in 2016.