Netherlands firm Carbo Holland has had its licence to produce animal feed withdrawn by the Dutch government in the light of a recent sample of dioxin found in animal feed.

A routine check found high levels of dioxin and lead in poultrymeat and eggs, which was subsequently traced back to coal dust imported from Belgium by Carbo Holland and illegally incorporated into the feed, according to an official in the European Commission.

The Belgian company which supplied the dust will face no charges as they believed that the dust was to be used for roadworks. Subsequent checks indicate that only two farms took the infected feed and most of the batch has now been recalled.

The whole episode shows above all that the testing arrangements and traceability requirements introduced in the wake of the Belgian dioxin scare in 1998 function properly, the official told Feedinfo News Service.

Following isolated cases of high dioxin level in a batch of imported US feed products and in a single set of “free range” eggs from a Dutch farm, this case only underlines that increased testing is likely to uncover more incidents.

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