MV International, the industrial ingredients division of dairy company Campina, is putting 57m euros (US$74.4m) into its whey processing and food ingredient facilities in Veghel, in the Netherlands.

The project, most of which involves upgrading its whey processing, is the largest investment DMV International has ever made, Campina said.

The investment project will deliver the first lots of commercial product during the third quarter of 2006. The full project is planned to be finalised by December 31, 2006.

The market for whey derivatives is very promising with annual growth rates of approximately 10 per cent, the company said.  DMV International has developed and will produce in its new facilities specific whey derived ingredients for both the food and nutrition industries world-wide.

A restructuring means DMV International’s facilities in Uitgeest in the Netherlands will close. This and the investment project in Veghel will affect the jobs of 36 DMV staff. Efforts would be made to find solutions within Campina for those employees.

“This is a major boost for our whey processing operation enabling us to produce a product portfolio that fits market opportunities,” said Alexander R. Wessels, managing director of DMV International.  In addition to a highly efficient whey processing plant, a flexible processing unit will be opened for the manufacture of value added food ingredients,”

“Taking into account that rules and regulations on food safety and hygiene will be getting even stricter in the near future, an investment proposal was made to upgrade our whey processing plant and build a new flexible processing unit for our compounded food ingredients”, said Kris Moortgat, director operations of DMV International. The new plant will be highly automated and will be the most efficient and largest whey processing plant in Europe, Campina said.