Zen Continental and GoReefers International have agreed to develop dedicated logistics for refrigerated produce, exported from, as well as imported to, China. This new venture is named GoReefers China.

The impressive potential of the local perishable industry as well as a growing market for reefer produce into China has inspired the launch of GoReefers China. The complementary capacities found within both organisations, now put together, will benefit traders with tailor-made and focused logistics services.

GoReefers’ global reach through its logistical Internet-based solutions continues to benefit the reefer industry worldwide with the highly individual and dynamic mix of high-tech on-line and traditional off-line services that it offers.

Zen Continental has a strong and consistent presence in China. Being a leading logistics company with 43 offices in China including Hong Kong, it will further provide all local logistical tasks. “We have long viewed the Chinese market as being an interesting area to enter and have searched for an ideal partner to develop the GoReefers logistics concept with for that specific market”, says Lars Gunnar Larsson, CEO GoReefers International. “Having agreed to take on such a challenge together with a partner like Zen Continental is very exciting and should provide the industry with special competence and special recourses for a special logistics task”.

“We are pleased and delighted to join forces with the GoReefers team”, says Jessie Luo, Managing Director EuroZen. “The strength and determination of our organisations blend well with the innovative approach to reefer logistics our partner is bringing to the co-operation. Our knowledge of logistics in China is substantial. GoReefers’ know-how in reefer logistics is impressive. Together we will turn GoReefers China into the number 1 partnership of the reefer industry in this part of the world”.

GoReefers China will eventually be launching a local Chinese website, providing exporters and importers with shipping schedules, cargo insurance, cargo handling, shipment advice, as well as freight negotiations and documentation. The Chinese site will be linked to the on-line Free Choice Logistics module expected to be launched in the course of next year.

“Together with Zen Continental we create and enhance a logistics marketplace based on experience, know-how and customer satisfaction, designed to suit each participant’s pace and requirements,” says Lars Gunnar Larsson.

GoReefers International

Our mission is “We Help People Trade”.

GoReefers International; Free Choice Logistics.
GoReefers facilitates the logistics of perishable products worldwide at sea and on land, both online and offline.

GoReefers’ Online marketplace www.goreefers.com offers:

The Cargo Exchange. A comprehensive, reliable and user-friendly shipping tool where supply meets demand every day. At this logistical marketplace of shipping opportunities you will find reefer container operators as well as conventional reefer operators. You will find open vessel space, vessel positions, reefer cargoes, vessels for sale, market reports, market trends and much more.
The Business Lounge. This facility offers industry executives that little bit extra, such as career opportunities in the reefer sector, worldwide weather forecasts, and an overview of upcoming events. Furthermore, this is where you’ll find our Blue Pages, aiming to be the most comprehensive directory of reefer and shipping related companies.
The Reefer Plaza. This is where you will find anything and everything to do with the wider world of reefer services, from books to specialised communications agencies.

Our Offline activities; solidly traditional
We coordinate all our offline activities through our offices in South Africa and New Zealand, handling the logistics of fruit exports to the US, Europe and Asia. Our Rotterdam office focuses mainly on exports to and from Europe including the logistics management for West Africa Logistics.
GoReefers Technology is another GoReefers activity, specialising in software development for the reefer logistics industry. You’ll find all this by going to www.goreefers.com

Zen Continental

Our Mission is “Your business is Our business”.

Zen Continental is an international freight forwarding and transportation company. Zen was founded in Taipei 1976 and relocated to Los Angeles after 10 years. In 1989, Zen expanded its business to China and experienced a rapid and consistent growth in the following years. In 2000, as a pioneer in the industry, Zen obtained the certificate of ISO09002 in various cities in China.

With the China head office in Tianjin and 43 offices throughout China, including Hong Kong and offices in Los Angeles (group Head Office), New York, Houston, Rotterdam and together with a strong global agency network in all major ports including Central and South America, Oceania and Asia, Zen is fully prepared to carry out any logistics service required.

The scope of our services:

  • Transportation: Handling air, ocean, trucking and multi-modal transports.

  • Customs Clearance: Including all import as well as export clearance and documentation, in-bond transit, duty drawback and customs inspection.

  • Warehousing: Storage, packing, pick-and-pack, consolidation, deconsolidation and distribution.

  • Equipment Control: Leasing, purchasing, selling, cleaning, maintaining and monitoring dry vans, tankers, reefer containers or any special equipment.

  • Insurance: Cargo insurance, marine insurance, container insurance and liability insurance are being provided.

  • Agency: For international trading, slot chartering, vessel chartering, vessels agency.

  • Financing: Customer service in purchasing, settlement of exchange, letter of credit, inspection and other required activities in domestic or international trading transactions are cared for.

Please visit our website: http://www.zencon.com