Dutch ingredients manufacturer DSM has agreed to undertake collaborative research with Maastricht University in the area of nutrition and health

DSM has hooked up with the scientific research institute NUTRIM (Maastricht Nutrition and Toxicology Research Institute), part of Maastricht University. The project concerns joint research into the development and application of food ingredients with a health-promoting effect.

DSM Food Specialties has started with a four-year research programme to develop nutritional ingredients that fit in with a health-promoting diet. Moreover, investigation will be carried out into the possibilities of these ingredients being applied in specific diets which contribute to the prevention of overweight, diabetes type II (so-called old age sugar sickness) and heart and vascular disease.

Extensive applied scientific research is required in order to evaluate the efficacy of these innovative ingredients. This has led to the collaboration between DSM Food Specialties and NUTRIM. At the time of signing the agreement, the number of people and funds to be allocated to the project had not been determined.