The European Commission has approved the acquisition of Dutch slaughterhouse group Dumeco by Best Agrifund, a Dutch-based company that operates mainly in Germany.

The Commission said the transaction broadens Best Agrifund’s activities on the European meat market but it does not raise any competition concerns.

Best Agrifund is active in the production and trade of meat and meat products, agricultural products and processed consumer goods, mainly in Germany. Best Agrifund is also active on the Dutch and Belgian markets for industrial processing of abattoir by-products and carcasses and the production of gelatine. Through its subsidiary Rendac, Best Agrifund holds the sole licence from the Dutch government to process high risk animal by-products in the Netherlands.

Dumeco is primarily active in the Netherlands in the trade of livestock, production and sale of breeding materials, the slaughter of pigs and cattle and the processing, production and sale of meat products.