Swiss food giant Nestlé has unveiled a major offensive on the Dutch baby food market, challenging Dutch food and nutrition group Numico and Dutch dairy company Friesland Coberco for a major market share.

Over the next few weeks Nestlé will launch baby food products onto the Dutch market for the first time, reported Het Financieele Dagblad.

“Nestle believes it is time for a renewal of the Dutch baby food market,” the paper quoted Nestlé Nederland spokeswoman Marjan Skotnivki as saying.

“Compared to other European countries, time has stood still on the Dutch market,” she added.

Numico has led the Dutch baby food market for decades and currently enjoys a 60% market share, while Friesland Coberco has a 32% share of the market.

Nestlé, which is active in the baby food market worldwide with the exception of Japan, the Netherlands and New Zealand, is aiming for the number two spot on the Dutch market in the long term.

The move comes just as Numico is returning its focus to its core clinical nutrition and baby food operations.