Non-branded snack bar manufacturer VSI has announced plans to expand its production capacity by opening another plant in the Netherlands.

The site located in the town of Leerdam is the company’s third facility in the area and is expected to be operational next January. The investment announced yesterday (22 September) that the factory will create 50 to 60 new jobs, in addition to the company’s current 135 employees in the area.

The plant will enable VSI to produce up to 250 to 300m bars annually. The company said it expects the plant to strengthen its global position with this expansion.

VSI’s chief executive officer, Gerard Janssens, said: “With the latest investment in capacity, we expect to further strengthen our position worldwide. By being able to offer higher quantities, we hope also to grow in other markets outside of Europe’s borders.”

Last year, VSI opened its second plant in Leerdam, which boosted production by about 40m to a total of 150m bars a year, the company said.

The private-label snack bar manufacturer’s product portfolio comprises meal replacement, sports and energy, functional and snack bars.