Anglo-Dutch consumer products giant Unilever has reportedly sued Dutch retailer Ahold, claiming that the retailer’s Albert Heijn grocery chain has copied some of Unilever’s packaging.

Unilever claims Albert Heijn has copied the packaging of certain Unilever brands, including Lipton ice tea and Blue Band margarine, for its supermarket own-brand products, reported The Associated Press.

“Albert Heijn is one of our biggest customers, so we don’t do this lightly. They have crossed the line,” Unilever spokesman Richard Van der Eijk told AP. “These are copies of our products, but the quality is not the same.”

Ahold has denied any wrongdoing: “This suit is unfounded, and that’s putting it mildly,” spokesman Hans Koeleman was quoted as saying. “We have a right to offer good alternatives to A-brands for a better price.”