Struggling Dutch meat firm Vion has announced a raft of job cuts across its European operations.

In its latest set of results, the company said economic conditions and increased prices for raw materials hit the firm’s profits last year. This has prompted Vion to cut jobs in Germany, Netherlands and the UK.

While the company said in May that its home markets have “responded well” to the growing market demand for meat from the BRIC countries, the demand has clearly not been enough to save the company from making such cuts.

Around 340 losses will be made in its Netherlands unit, while around 290 will be made in Germany. In the UK, however, the company requires “more time and attention to carefully analyse the strategic options”.

Staff and unions associated with the firm’s UK operations will no doubt be bracing themselves for any potential cuts. The unit is certainly no stranger to news of this sort and in May the company expressed its disappointment at the prospect of strikes in the UK over pay.