New legislation that requires major stores and supermarkets in Romania to dedicate at least 51% of their store space for the sale of “Romanian only” products has been enacted by the country’s president.

Klaus Iohannis signed a decree passing the legislation earlier this week, Romania’s national news agency Agerpress reported.

The new law applies to “traders engaged in marketing food that will be required for foodstuffs” such as dairy and meat products, fruit, vegetables, bread, pastry and confectionery.

The director-general of the country’s Competition Council, Daniela Badila, had prevoiusly expressed concern over how the new law would be applied, such as to products actually produced in Romania and items produced by Romanian-owned companies. She also warned that the new law could cause supply problems, as it was unclear what bodies would be involved in regulating and enforcing the new requirements.

However, Romanian member of parliament Cristian Chirtes told Agerpress that the new law would provide a major boost for Romanian food producers. He said the law would have a “major impact on agriculture as a driver of the national economy”.