The New Zealand group A2 Corporation has promised that “healthy” milk products could become a possibility for consumers within the next twelve months.

The company has spent many years conducting research into the effects of different types of milk on human consumers and have now revealed, contrary to popular belief, that heart disease is caused not by the fat in milk but by one particular protein.

CEO of the group, Dr Corrie McLachlan, said that there is a significant link between heart disease deaths and the balance of proteins in milk products, and that certain cows therefore produce more healthy milk than others.

Guernsey cows are believed to produce the healthier milk, while Jersey cows do not.

The New Zealand Dairy Board (NZDB) has also been urged to separate herds of cows following research by the company that shows that effects that different types of beta casein found in milk (A1 and A2) can have on consumers.

After A2 Corporation discovered a link between beta casein A1 milk and Type 1 diabetes in children with a genetic predisposition to it, the NZDB was asked to separate herds in a bid to encourage the number of cows producing beta casein A2 milk, currently 20% of the national herd.

Currently, the A2 corporation owns the patent that gives them exclusive rights to the method by which A2 cows can be identified from a mixed herd.