Shipping and logistics consultancy Critical Delivery Solutions (CDS) has established a joint venture with Dutch logistics company GoReefers International in a bid to capitalise on New Zealand’s recently deregulated pipfruit market by grappling export market share from Enza.

Until October of this year, the apple and pear export marketing board Enza enjoyed a monopoly of the export market. With deregulation, however, that share is expected to fall to 60% as independent export operators spring up.

GoReefers Southern Pacific will be based in Hastings, operated by CDS and based on a successful GoReefers model already established in South Africa.

Delena Engelbrecht. MD of GoReefer Southern Africa, explained to the National Business Review: “There are big opportunities for us here as the new independent exporters need someone to handle the logistics of getting the product to market – and we have offices and representatives on the ground throughout Europe, which is New Zealand’s major market.

“We have a wide knowledge of handling, logistics and supply chain management in the fruit industry from that experience and we will be much more prepared than other independents for New Zealand’s first deregulated season this summer.

“If companies like us do a good job Enza’s share will fall,” she added, explaining, that “overseas demand for apples this season will be very strong and probably outstrip supply as the European crops, mainly in France and Germany, are down.”