GoReefers continues its global expansion by opening an Asia-Pacific office in New Zealand. This will enable GoReefers to capitalise on the impressive South Pacific perishables basket, by basing itself in New Zealand, one of the main fruit and meat exporting countries in the region. The establishment of a local Asia-Pacific office, coupled with GoReefers’ global reach through its logistical Internet-based solutions, continues to benefit the industry with the highly individual and dynamic mix of high tech on-line and traditional off-line services that it offers.

GoReefers New Zealand is very excited at the prospect of having Joe Pope, a respected fruit industry leader, former CEO of ENZA, on board. He joins GoReefers New Zealand after ten years on the board of Trade New Zealand, of which the last two as Chairman, and is currently Chairman of HortResearch. He is also involved in a number of other agribusiness ventures. With Joe Pope joining the Board of Directors, it will benefit from his vast strategic experience and in-depth knowledge of the horticultural industry. He will help position GoReefers New Zealand to becoming the no.1 reefer logistics partner to New Zealand’s exporters of perishables.

“I’m delighted to join the GoReefers team, whom I have known for quite a number of years,” says Joe Pope, “I have always been impressed by their professional competence and very creative approach to the reefer business combined with a sincere ambition to support overseas export”.

“We are pleased to enter upon this New Zealand venture together with our strategic local partners and investors. We hope to expand further into the Asia-Pacific region”, says Lars Gunnar Larsson. “Initially we will focus mainly on the fruit industry but the intention is to include all perishables exports including meat, fish and dairy produce”.

GoReefers New Zealand will soon be launching its local website, providing exporters with local shipping schedules, cargo insurance, cargo handling, carrying advice, as well as freight negotiations and documentation will also be taken care of. The New Zealand site will be linked to GoReefers’ main site and to the on-line Free Choice Logistics module expected to be launched in the course of next year.

“Now that the GoReefers’ South African office is successfully established, we continue to grow our business organically. This entry into the New Zealand market, with the support provided by exporters in the trade, shows how this approach leads to a stable build out of our company,” adds Mr. Larsson. “Together we create a logistics marketplace based on experience, know-how and customer satisfaction, designed to suit each participant’s pace and requirements.”

“Our mission is We Help People Trade”.

GoReefers International; Free Choice Logistics.
GoReefers facilitates the logistics of perishable products worldwide at
sea and on land, both online and offline.

GoReefers Online marketplace www.goreefers.com offers:

  • The Cargo Exchange. A comprehensive, reliable and user-friendly shipping tool where supply meets demand every day. At this logistical marketplace of shipping opportunities you will find reefer container operators as well as conventional reefer operators. You will find open vessel space, vessel positions, reefer cargoes, vessels for sale, market reports, market trends
    and much more.
  • The Business Lounge. This facility offers the industry executive that little bit extra, such as career opportunities in the reefer sector, worldwide weather forecasts, and an overview of upcoming events. Furthermore this is where you’ll find our Blue Pages, aiming to be the most comprehensive directory of reefer and shipping related companies.
  • The Reefer Plaza. This is where you will find anything and everything to do with the wider world of reefer services, from books to specialised communication agencies.

Our Offline activities; solidly traditional

We coordinate all our offline activities through our offices in South Africa and New Zealand, handling the logistics of fruit exports to the US, Europe and Asia. Our Rotterdam office focuses mainly on exports to and from Europe. GoReefers Technology is another GoReefers activity, specialising in software development for the reefer logistics industry. You’ll find all this by going to www.goreefers.com