Environmental campaign group Greenpeace has said it will end its campaign against the New Zealand unit of US fastfood giant McDonald’s after the company instructed its chicken suppliers to use feed that is not genetically modified.

“McDonald’s has given us a position statement consistent with the stance the company has taken in Europe which urges its chicken suppliers to source non-GE [genetically engineered] soy feed,” Greenpeace GM campaigner Steve Abel was quoted by the New Zealand Herald as saying.

Greenpeace has been carrying out a campaign against the chain in the last few weeks aimed at encouraging McDonald’s to switch to non-GM feed.

Abel said that Inghams, McDonald’s main chicken supplier in New Zealand, told the fastfood company its next two shipments of soy meal into the country would come from a non-GM area of Brazil.

“We will be keeping a close eye on these shipments and seeking independent testing of the soy to demonstrate its non-GE purity,” Abel added.