Apple importer Grocorp Pacific has been approved for a permit to supply UK supermarket giant Tesco for three years. This season, 270,000 cartons will be expected directly to Tesco, explained company marketing director Andrew van Workum.

Grocorp won the accreditation after submitting an application to increase its export quota to 270,000 cartons from 140,000 cartons. The application highlights the current situation in New Zealand, where apple growers must apply to an export-permits committee for authority to export some of the 10% of the total apple export quota not already controlled by ENZA Ltd. 

The company has been approved under Tesco’s “Natures Choice” code of practice, which demanded considerable investment on Grocorp’s part as it covers seven areas of business management: health and safety, pesticides, fertilizer, energy and resource use, pollution, recycling, and conservation.