Nestlé has opened a new factory in Nigeria following an investment of CHF87m (US$91.1m).

The Flowergate factory in Nigeria’s Ogun state will be produce the company’s Maggi products and, more particularly, the low-price Popularly Positioned Products (PPP) varieties of the brand, the company said. The factory also has potential for the production of other Nestle products.

Nestle’s PPPs are adapted to meet the specific needs of it emerging markets in terms of price, accessibility, format and nutritional benefits.

At the official opening ceremony, Nestle CEO Paul Bulcke said: “Nestle has been operationally present in Nigeria for 50 years, bringing meaningful value to society at large by sourcing locally, creating new local employment, offering nutritious products and helping in the further development of the region.

“By opening our new facility in Ogun State we will be closer to our consumers and can better adapt our products to their needs and preferences. This latest investment is proof of our commitment to Africa in which we will invest CHF1bn over the next two years.”

With the factory, Nestle will double its production of culinary products in Nigeria. It is Nestle’s 27th factory in Africa, and will create 180 jobs.